Transgenic Greenhouse/ Containment Facility

The production of transgenic plants involves the insertion of foreign genes or genetic material that has been manipulated into plant cells followed by regeneration process for the production of a complete plant. Transgenic technology has been identified as one of the key technologies for the future. This includes in aspects of crop management, overcoming disease and abiotic stresses as well as production of a variety of high-value products such as vaccines and bio-plastics. Transgenic plant is also the best system to test the functionality of a gene before being applied in any genetic improvement efforts.


However, contamination of wild plants and crops with transgenes from transgenic plants is of great concern before extensive studies on the impact on the species involved and also on other species in the environment are made. Hence, the use of facilities that meet International standards of biosafety level II is enforced by Indian Government. This facility will separate the transgenic plants from other plants and is effective in preventing the transfer of the transgene specifically from pollens and seeds to other plants in the environment.

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