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BBPL Systems’ exclusive Intelligence module gives your cold room completely new functionalities, providing monitoring that can warn you of any abnormal operating condition.

Your business can now enjoy the benefits of functions such as digital temperature display, high- and low-temperature alarms, open-door alarm, safety alarm, door-defrost power control, and automatic lighting control.

The automatic lighting control and adjustable door defrost control can yield significant energy savings. Besides avoiding energy wastage due to unnecessary lighting, a lighted bulb generates heat that is an additional load on the cold-room’s refrigeration system.

Moreover, should the refrigeration system break down outside of normal business hours, the BBPL Intelligence module’s optional connection to the building’s alarm system could save a lot.

Intelligent lighting control keeps energy consumption to a minimum. When the lighting system is in automatic mode, there is no need to use the switch: the lights come on as soon as the door opens.

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