Poly House

Naturally Ventilated Greenhouse has vents at the top and at sides which exchanges air arising from the density difference of hot and cold air through air vents. It is highly suitable for Floriculture and Vegetable Cultivation BBPL Poly houses are built of a Pre-galvanized channel cum tubular structure/ Tubular Structure wherein crops are grown under a favorable controlled environment and other conditions viz. temperature, humidity, light intensity, ventilation, soil media, disease control, irrigation, Fertigation and other agronomical practices throughout the season irrespective of the natural conditions outside.

In conventional Agronomical practices, the crops are being grown/cultivated in the open field under natural conditions where the crops are more susceptible to sudden changes in climate i.e. temperature, humidity, light intensity, photoperiod, and other conditions due to which the quality, yield of a particular crop can get affected and may be decreased.


The degree of sophistication also varies from a simple poly house with polyethylene film covering to highly sophisticated, fully automated drip and foggers systems, PAR lightings, full-scale computerized (fully automated) systems.

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