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Tissue Culture Racks

Height 5'8”, Width 4'2”, Depth 18”, Shelves 5Nos. Illuminating Facility in 4 shelves. Shelf to shelf distance 16”, Shelf size – 50” x 18”, Shelf surface 3mm thick Glass/Hylem sheet. Four Fluorescent tube lights 36/40 watt with Individual ON /Off switch in each shelf. Light intensity 3-4 Klux 5cm above the shelf surface, 10 Klux at source. Solid State Electronic Ballasts, Electronic ballasts are specially tested and approved by ERTL for use upto 300V. Frame MS CRC Powder Coated with Castors.

With PAR Lamps, Shelves 6 Nos.: (Illuminating Facility in 5 shelves)

Structure Frame Aluminum / S.S. 304 Grade : (Lighting Facility in 4/5 shelves)

Commercial Tissue culture Rack : With 4-7 working shelves

Commercial Tissue culture Rack : With 4-7 working shelves having Individually operated PAR Surface Mount Device ( SMD ) Type LED Lamps producing 50 to 130 E/M per sq.m2/Sec area, CRI>80