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Temperature Controllers

BBPL provides different versions of Temperature Controller depending on load and usage with inbuilt thermal safety and ERTL calibrated PT-100 RTD sensors.

Microprocessor Temperature Controller: Real time microprocessor based user programmable controller with4 digit LED display for displaying measured values, Feather touch operation. Set point lock within the setting panel to protect setting changes. Level lock to ensure that the parameter can be read but cannot be changed. Sensor failure indication. Selection of unit C, F. Display resolution 0.1. Automatic hysteresis control. Wide selectable temperature range, ranges from 0 to 100C.

Microclimatic Temperature Controller: Real time microprocessor based Temperature Controller range 0.10 - 600C, 4 independent power output. Specially designed for Tissue Culture laboratories. Special feature of thermal safety to prevent Culture attrition, 4 Set points: Set point 1 – for light, Set point 2 - for Heating and Set point 3 & 4- for Cooling

Digital Temperature Controller (Double Set Point): Digital Controller with Hysteresis monitored. Temperature range 0.1º- 60ºC with accuracy ± 1ºC, resolution 0.1. Display 3½ digits, 0.5'', 7 segmented red LED. Temperature setting by front panel key switch and Trim pot. Sensor Pt.100 with 5m cord. Additional hysteresis 0.4°C with 2 min delay for air conditioner and 4.4 KVA heater directly connected to the powered output.

Analogue temperature controller: Temperature 00C - 100ºC, Accuracy±2ºC, delay 2 min, for 1.5 Ton Air-conditioner and 4.4KVA Heater, Device can directly be connected to powered output.