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Environmental Control Panels / Data loggers

Specific for Green Houses/Growth Chambers /Poly Houses and any other specific House /Chamber Relative Humidity + Temperature Real Time

Microprocessor Controller Input : RH+ Temperature Sensor Display, RH : Upper : 4 digit, 7 segment 0.56" (14.2 mm) green LED display Display, Temperature : Lower : 4 digit, 7 segment 0.56" (14.2 mm) red LED display Accuracy : RH : +/- 3% RH Temperature : +/-0.3% deg C Feather touch operation. Set point lock within the setting panel to protect setting changes. Level lock to ensure that the parameter can be read but cannot be changed. Sensor failure indication. Selection of unit C, F .Display resolution 0.1. Automatic hysteresis control. Wide selectable temperature range, ranges from 0 to 100C.

Photoperiodic Timer: Real time microprocessor based. Clock Accuracy ± 2.5sec/day @20ºC ±1 Channel l Week Program. 16 memory locations adjustable to the minutes Holiday programming150 Hrs. Running reserve. Random switching can be activated by pressing any key. PROGRAM SAVING BY EEPROM

Plitz Timer/ cyclic Timer for Humidity: To avoid the water logging condition 0-999 Min/sec On, 0-999 Min/sec OFF automatic cycling. Accuracy quartz

Remote Alarm Facility for Temperature. User can connect Data SIM for sending sms.Easy to put contact numbers by using keys and LCD display. -User can get sms on High / Low Temperature ranges. Controlling for CO2/Ethylene (Optional)

Fully PLC/PID based control system for controlling and maintaining the desired temperature, RH, lighting etc. for controlling the environment in required area along with data storage on PLC itself. It will have a programming feature to link multiple programs and equipped with surge arresters, IP22 protection and Touch Screen display (HMI) for depicting the values of temperature, humidity and light of all probes. Control system will have audio/ audio visual warning/alarm when set temperature/RH/ lighting is below or above the set values. Locking facility for the entire control system, along with key will be provided. No data loss, facility to send emails/SMS directly from the PLC.