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Walk-in Chambers/ Ripening Chambers

BBPL specializes in designing and manufacturing of Prefabricated Puff Insulated easy to assemble, self-supportive Walk-in Chambers / Walk –in-Cold Rooms of different sizes, Temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 40º C ± 1ºC. Relative Humidity 30% to 95% using specially designed Commercial Air-conditioning units using (SST) technology. Parameters are controlled through BBPL designed Biotech Controllers and Data Acquisition systems. Cold rooms for Storage of Research and Commercial use:-

Gene Bank/Seed Storage/Blood Bank, Banana Ripening Chambers. CO /Ethylene Evaluation chambers.

Available in Different sizes like :-

216cu.ft.,512,cu.ft.,648cu.ft.,800cu.ft.,960cu.ft.,1600cu.ft. and can be constructed as per specific user designs and requirements.