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Growth Chambers

BBPL Plant Growth Chambers/Environmental Controlled Chambers for specific use of Tissue/Gene Culture are designed and manufactured on user specific parameters and requirements. Microprocessor controlled and monitored are backed up with audio visual alarm to control parameters of Temperature, Relative Humidity and Light intensity. Copiously designed for tropicalized operation with PCGI outer wall with puff insulation and PCGI/S.S. inner walls. The chamber are designed by using latest technology for temperature ranging between -20°C to 40°C, Relative Humidity 30% to 95% and Photosynthetically Active radiation lights (upto – 800 μE/m2/s ) to vary day length manipulation are controlled, monitored and logged through On line Data Acquisition systems and microprocessor controllers using specially designed Commercial Air-conditioning units using SST.

Available in different sizes:

24cu.ft.,64,cu.ft.,80cu.ft.,216cu.ft.,729cu.ft.,800cu.ft. and can be constructed as per specific user designs and requirements