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Axial Flow Fan

Heavy galvanized steel box farming riveted together for durability, Aluminium / Stainless steel Blade, Cross Shaped steel framework has a streamlined design with the fan hub at the centre, With the fan blades on one side and the pulley on the other side, this design allows improved load balancing which increase bearing and fan life, Centre hub made from die cast aluminium with integrated steel shaft. Shaft is supported by two rigid radial ball bearings with watertight protective screen, Efficient sealed motors in compliance with ISI/CEI standards, and Shutters comes with automatic shutter opener. This opener system allows the shutters to fully open as soon as the fan starts to run. Air delivery normally lost due to dirty shutters or to hold shutters open is thus eliminated.

Available in Different working sizes like: 24'', 30'', 36'', 48'' & 50’